Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Turned Parts Manufacturer

The rise of turned part manufacturing was to be expected as the manufacturing Industry in India picks up steam. As the government renews its commitment to the manufacturing industry, primary manufacturers like turned parts manufacturers are also seeing an increased business. With tech-nology in turned parts galloped ahead, we are now slowly gaining expertise in precision parts.

Brass Turned Parts

From global to local

The demand for turned parts is now coming from wide quarters, including industrial machinery, fa-brication and even FMCG. As these secondary industries pick up steam, the growth of raw material manufacturers like turned parts manufacturers was inevitable. But the scenario was quite different a couple of decades ago.

Precision turning was almost exclusively the domain of bigger corporations, whether in India or in the global industry. But globalisation has opened up the Indian markets to new players and tech-nology. The need for increasing localisation of support industries has further fuelled growth in the industry. As a result, a number of turning parts manufacturers today fall in the SME sector.

The growth of technology has actually made this even easier. Today designing is made easier, ef-ficient and faster with the right software. Similarly, manufacturing uses computerised techniques to create precision parts for any specification. The process is faster and more economical.

Looking for the right manufacturer

Any industry working with revolving or moving machines or components, such as pumps and mo-tors requires turning parts. A big corporation may have its own turning parts manufacturer. But giv-en the economics of procuring these from a supplier, it makes little economical sense, especially for a medium scale business.

The emphasis today is focusing on the core industry and setting up a turning part line will be a waste of time. So, the need for a good supplier has been on the rise. As a result, we now have a number of such manufacturers. But how doyou find one that fits your goals? Here are some of the factors that should influence your decision:

  • A competent sales team
    This may seem redundant in a precision part manufacturing business, but sales teams are there for a reason. They are our point people when we deal with a company, smoothing out our concerns and taking care of all the required documentation. Dealing with a sales team just makes our job easier because their job is to see that our concerns are dealt with.
  • Customisation
    A turned parts manufacturer should be able to give you completely customised design. To-day computerised design allows manufacturers to create extremely precise parts. Ask if you can review the design process and how they will work with your specs. Even if a stan-dard part fits your design, look for manufacturers who can customise according to your re-quirement. This will help you avoid any problems if you later change the design.
  • Technical support
    Manufacturing is a highly technical process and your supplier must have a competent tech-nical team. This team will not only work on your design, but also address any concerns that may arise later on.
  • Quality check
    This is an important criterion because the quality of the parts decides the quality of the whole. Hence, a rigorous quality check in your supplying company means that you can be assured of your own product’s quality. This will also safeguard against sudden faulty delive-ries. Remember, a hitch in your supplying chain will affect your own product.
  • Material used
    Different products need different material when it comes to turning parts. So, it is essential that the turned parts manufacturer you select specialises in the product you are looking for. For instance, if you are dealing with machinery, check if your manufacturer specialises in brass products.
  • Delivery and logistics
    This can be as critical as the quality of your product. A localised supplier has the edge in ensuring a timely delivery with low costs. On the hand, if the company logistics department can assure a timely deliver, even an out of town manufacturer can be considered. But it im-portant that this aspect is checked out before you sign the contract.


As the demand for local turned parts manufacturers has gone up, a number of industries have cropped in the field. With technological assistance, turned part manufacturing is today an extremely precise process with complete customisation available. However, pay attention to our tips before you sign on with a manufacturer.