Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Turned Parts Manufacturer

The rise of turned part manufacturing was to be expected as the manufacturing Industry in India picks up steam. As the government renews its commitment to the manufacturing industry, primary manufacturers like turned parts manufacturers are also seeing an increased business. With tech-nology in turned parts galloped ahead, we are now slowly gaining expertise in precision parts.

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How to Find the Right Brass Products Manufacturers

Most of us may know brass from ornamental products. But did you know that a number of products around you have brass parts? It is one of the essential raw materials in the manufacturing industry. Brass has a number of qualities that make it ideal as a component in a range of products – from electrical to drilling machines.

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Even if it is a small cog in the wheel, brass fittings are an important part of a product assembly. Remember, the wheel often works only when the cogs are tightened and firm. This makes the se-lection of a brass products manufacturer highly important. Without a reliable manufacturer you will never be sure of what you are getting.

There are a number of brass manufacturers today. So, how do you make the selection? Follow our tips to find out:


It all begins with the search. You can do a simple Google search or check directories to list out brass manufacturers in your area. There are also trade forums where you can get this information. A personal recommendation is always preferred. So, ask around your acquaintances for reliable brass products manufacturers.


Any brass manufacturer will give you a portfolio of standard products. But sometimes you may need something different. As a secondary manufacturer brass is one of your raw material and must fit into the overall design of a product. This requires customisation of products.

For instance, although you may have standard CNC machine parts, your machine design may need fittings that are just a tad smaller. Even a difference of a micro-centimetre can make your en-tire machine fall apart. This is why you need a manufacturer who can promise customisation. Even if your product design can work with standard parts, always go for a manufacturer who offers cus-tomisation. This will ensure that you are faced with no problems if the design is changed at a later date.

Customisation of products includes not just design specifications, but also the composition of the product. Since brass is an alloy and its properties differ with its composition, your product’s quality may require such minute specifications.


The budget for brass products is not likely to break your bank. However, for a small or medium-sized company this can be a crucial factor. Once you have your shortlist ready, ask for a quote from the manufacturers. If you are placing a bulk order, you can ask for a discount. Most manufac-turers will also consider a steady order in bulk. But factor in all other small costs, such as the cost of distribution or (possible) customisation.

Product range

Most manufacturers will have a set idea of what they are looking for. However, it is always a good idea to factor in possible expansion at a latter time. You may want to stick to a manufacturer who specialises in your field. For industries that cross over two areas, a wide product range may be more important.

For example, a water cooler manufacturer will need fittings for both electrical and plumbing re-quirements. This will mean a brass products manufacturers who specialises in both. Ultimately your choice should depend on the manufacturer’s stock in your field of production, be it machine parts or railings. They should also be able to work with different brass compositions when required.

Distribution network

Given that brass products manufacturers are a primary manufacturers, their distraction network is critical. It usually pays to find a local manufacturer because distribution costs are typically low and emergency demands can be met quickly. But do not rule out other manufacturers. With quick deli-very systems, they can be as efficient as any local manufacturer. However, you must find out about the distribution network and ensure that it can keep up.


As in any other manufacturing industry, certification and licensing of manufacturing process and products is a critical decision. Brass fittings and products may be a small part of the finished prod-uct, but these are little cogs that tie the whole together. If this is of a poor quality, the whole product will fall apart. So, insist on checking ISO and DIN compliance and if they can work with a different standards when required.

Finding the right brass products manufacturer is like finding the right partner for your company. So go through our tips, take your time and take an informed decision.


Brass Pipe Fittings – For Best Plumbing Solutions

The most complex process among all the constructional procedure is plumbing, perhaps the most technical and time consuming too. Good plumbing ensures that the structure looks solid without watery patches showing on the walls, leakages of hardware but for this all depends upon the hardware you use.

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