Brass Plug Pins Makers Explain The Impact Of Voltage Fluctuation On Appliances

If you are living in India, then you must be familiar with voltage fluctuation as it is common in most places of the country. Brass plug pins makers will explain the impact of voltage fluctuation on appliances and how you can protect them from damage. Many professionals get several queries on their mail from the people who want to know the way to protect their expensive devices and hardware from voltage fluctuation consequences. This is the biggest concern for them and a true story.


Standard Input Voltage In India

In India, electricity distribution is done at 230V and 415V for single phase and three phase respectively. The In a three phase connection, manufacturers divide the connection in 3 lines each of 230V. The appliances sold across India work in the range of 220-240 V. Voltage higher and lower than this range requires to be corrected if the appliance is unable to handle that voltage.

There are many places in India where voltages go down to 150V to 160V on a regular basis.

Two Types Of Appliances

Distinct types of appliances have different behavior when voltage fluctuates. In case you are planning to install a voltage stabilizer, you need to work accordingly. There are generally two kinds of applications – without motor and with motor.

Appliances without motor include-

  • Tube lights, CFLS, LEDs, bulbs
  • Heaters, room heaters, geezers
  • TV, radio, theatre, laptops, phones, etc

Appliances with motor includes-

  • Refrigerator
  • Air conditioners
  • Ceiling fans
  • Pumps
  • Washing machines
  • Grinder

Appliances like tube lights, bulbs, LEDs, and heaters do not require voltage stabilizers. When the voltage is low, the current flow rate is low. When voltage is high, the current flow rate is high. So, when the flow rate is less, the appliances like bulb and LEDs will give less light. And thus, power consumption will be less.

Appliances with motors have an operating voltage range. Appliances like Air conditioners have smaller operating voltage range and this is why they are unable to work at low voltages. If the voltage is lower than their operating voltage range, then either they will not start at all or if they are already switched on, they will start generating a humming noise.

This post is shared by brass plug pins manufacturers to tell you about the impact of fluctuation on appliances. You can use fluctuation stabilizers with the required appliances to protect them from voltage damage.