Brass Pipe Fittings – For Best Plumbing Solutions

The most complex process among all the constructional procedure is plumbing, perhaps the most technical and time consuming too. Good plumbing ensures that the structure looks solid without watery patches showing on the walls, leakages of hardware but for this all depends upon the hardware you use.

Brass pipe fittings

For best plumbing solutions you need to opt for best plumbing hardware and there is nothing in comparison to brass products such as brass pipes, brass pipe fittings, brass elbows and etc. There is a great sense of responsibility among the construct companies to select the best available products for plumbing process so that the sub-standard products don’t show their ill effects on the constructed site.

What Are Brass Pipe Fittings?

Among numerous plumbing parts brass pipe fittings sometimes doesn’t even go noticed but its functionality can’t be overlooked. Brass pipe fittings acts as the combining or joining part which allows the two brass pipes to get fix with each other. Without these brass pipe fittings there is no substitute with which we can join the two pipes. Brass pipe fittings are mainly joint with pipes and for better grip plumbing thread is used so that the joint gets tighten and any chance of leakage gets eliminated. These are usually unscrewed from both ends so that the pipes can be fixed easily without any fuss. A normal plumbing wrench is all what you need to tight the pipes with brass pipe fittings.

Where is Brass Pipe Fittings Used?

As the name itself suggests, it is mainly build with brass. As the brass pipe fittings are normally used in plumbing process due to brass they are corrosion free. While tightening them they don’t get cracked or break easily because of brass toughness and tensile nature. Those parts should be generally used which doesn’t need to change with passing of time and brass pipe fittings are one of those components which doesn’t needed to change periodically making them low in maintenance.

These pipe fittings are also used in oil refineries as they don’t let the oil leak from the joints of the pipes which are used to fill the stock at petrol filling stations. They can be easily maintained and cleansed with just regular petrol or mobile oil. No doubt PVC fittings are comparatively cheaper than brass products but they don’t tick all the boxes which brass products do. PVC might be cheap but they need to be changed with times as they don’t have longevity in comparison to brass products.

How is Brass Pipe Fittings Made?

Brass pipe fittings manufacturers are cutting brass pipes from the lengthy pipes and then are given to the machines from which they are unscrewed from both ends for better fixing ability. Further they come out from the process of unscrewing they are rubbed in the sawdust for making them smooth. After the smoothing process is completed they then are polished with desirable plating. Usually they are plated with silver and zinc which gives them shine and makes them attractive and trendy.